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Depth of digging for block paving drive to stop weeds

Wanted to get the drive done only a small area, some tradesmen have suggested using a digger while others have suggested to dig by hand.

Does the depth of digging matter in order to stop the weeds from growing?

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The depth of digging doesn't stop the weeds the weeds grow in the dry sand between the blocks best way to stop the weeds is by using resin jointing sand as once set no weeds will grown in the gaps . Hope this helps


Answered 17th Nov 2017

It would continue to grow if not treated with weed killer or an anti weed material to put down before you do your paving or flagging


Answered 17th Nov 2017

Use a membrane when installing the driveway and use anti weed sand plush sealing paving at end to give your drive best chance of being weed free 👍


Answered 17th Nov 2017

There's no way to stop weed permanently it's just persistence that will keep them down and a good sand in the joint tri dan sand it helps but not permanent and most quys will use a digger if thy have access to one some don't and don't won't to pay to hire one any drive needs to be at least 12 inches deep to make a good base


Answered 19th Nov 2017

You must dig out deep enough for solid foundation to be laid ,
So this will eliminate any weeds below paving.
A weed resistant sand for jointing will help, but if any weeds
Still appear you have to pull out and apply weed killer .
We would be happy to quote for any work.


Answered 30th Dec 2017

You would usually dig down 250mm 150mm hardcore 40mm sharp sand and either 50-60mm blocks plus I would always put a weed control membrane down on top of hardcore and seal the joints of the block with block pavers sealer prior to finishing job


Answered 4th Feb 2018

weeds will forever be a pain in this area of work but preventing the problem by using geo textile membrane below the crush concrete and another breathable membrane on top of the crush should help prevent the problem.


Answered 5th Feb 2018

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