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Are the joists part of the roofs structural integrity?

In the back bedroom I am just pulling down the plasterboard off the ceiling joists. It is an outcrop off the back of the house so the pitched roof covers the width of the room but not part of the wider roof of the main house. The home is a circa 1900 liverpool terrace.

My question is are these part of the structural integrity of the roof? or just there to allow the ceiling plasterboard to hung from?

As I see this, I would love to have a pitched ceiling in the room - but the joists are close together and will ruin this look. Obviously I am not keen to move them if the roof structure will be affected!

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Hi there yes DO NOT move or take out or chop down these joists as they are
the support for 80 percent of your roof and these joists will be attached to tile battens and they are attached to the roof tiles


Answered 13th Nov 2017

They are their to stop your roof spreading and as such are an integral part of the roof structure do not remove them,
Good luck alex


Answered 13th Nov 2017

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