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Excess condensation on windows

How do I control the amount of condensation on our windows? We recently moved into a 1950’s detached house with double glazed windows fitted in the 90’s. We have noticed large amounts of condensation on all the windows especially in the bedrooms. We don’t have vent option on the windows and don’t know if we can have vents fitted or whether they would help. Any advice on how we can prevent this condensation would be appreciated, thanks

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Condensation is caused when warm air meets cooler air . Have you ever breathed on a mirror ? It steams up because warm air is in contact with a cooler surface . It's not a problem with your windows , more a case of regulating the temperature evenly , throughout your home . Hope this helps .


Answered 15th Nov 2017

Condensation is caused when warm moist air comes into contact with a cold object. Like your glasses steaming up when you enter the house having been outside on a cold winters day. Modern 'A' rated windows are so thermally efficient that the cold outside doesn't penetrate through the frame or glass, therefore vastly reducing or eliminating any build up of condensation. A well ventilated room would also help.


Answered 5th Jun 2018

Get a dehumidifier and leave it on. Set 50% humidity and it will eliminate the excess of humidity in the air.


Answered 5th Mar 2021

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