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No vents on roof yet wind movement in the loft

Hi, I have lived in my house (council) for 3 years. It's an end house and every year from Sept to April we have condensation and high humidity up to 70-80% . Each morning all windows are open and wiped down,trickle vents are open all year round,extractor fans in bathroom &kitchen always on,lids on saucepans,etc.
Due to the high humidity clothes and bedding are damp etc,windows streaming with condensation and they are wet sometimes before we even go to bed.
All the money we paid out when we moved in,on getting walls re plastered, as they were extremely blistered and cracked, are ruined and gone very dry and patchy. Paint disappears of the walls woodwork. Even my son's leather jacket flaked to bits.
We have radiators in every room and the house was built in the late 60s .When the radiators were put in all over the borough regeneration approx 10years ago,tenants complained about condensation and damp so they had 2 vent tiles put on the roof.
The tenant before me was always out so my roof didn't have these vents put up.
After me complaining about the cold and strong draughts such as a waste paper bin liner flapping around,yet all windows and doors are shut,the council then removed my ridge vent!
I hate every autumn winter time as the thermostat is on all day at 20/21 and the average reading is 17/18.
I did tell the council that there is wind blowing from under the floor boards,window frames and internal door frames. The walls, woodwork are very cold.
There's wind blowing about in the airing cupboard due to there holes filled with rags, where the boiler flue goes through the ceiling. The rags are the council way and means of filling in the gaps. On windy days the door rattles so it proves wind is coming from either the roof or under the house.
I have no ventilation on the roof at all!
However,I'm hoping that I have found the answer to my big problem and was just hoping someone might agree with me as we cannot carry on living like this and watching all the money we put into the place going down the drain,let alone the heating bill.
The walls have got the polystyrene balls sprayed into them.
During my first year here the repointing had to be done on the gable end verge as there were chunks of mortar missing from it. I have always thought that a black area on the end of the verge was just black and dirty,however I've found out this week that it's actually a hole. With this being the case could this be why we have all problems we do?
As there is wind blowing in the loft could someone please tell me if that hole would be where it's coming from and then going down the cavity walls,door frames etc.
I think you'd agree that I need a ridge vent to take out warm air and vents three quarters of the way up for fresh air to come in.
I did have a positive ventilation Unit put in last year by the council which was a bodge job and nearly set fire.

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I had a similar problem in a clients house where the loft was dripping wet and they thought the roof was leaking. But it was a case of warm air hitting cold air and being trapped in the loft, causing a lot of dampness and condensation. I installed two roof vents into the roof, to allow the air to flow and the problem has now been solved. I would agree that you need these vents installed.


Answered 19th Nov 2017

you may find out the loft insulation is not fitted to the edge of the eves , you may all so need more insulation to be fitted in the loft as I think the regs are 300mm now , you will need more then 2 roof vents as 2 will not create air flow , you may need 8 on each side of your roof 4 at the bottom and 4 at the top on each side


Answered 9th Dec 2017

Hi first thing is first. You say you have had your cavity filled. That's no good at all the cavity is there for a reason to let the house breath. I would have that removed. The black hole will not help. Needs filling in along with the hole in the boiler room. Having the windows open all day is fine but you need wall vents putting in for night time as body heat makes the room warm and warm makes the room clammy. Roof vents will help in the loft to stop that room getting clammy . 2 at top and 2 at bottom of roof


Answered 16th Jan 2019

Yes you need the round soffit vents fitting to back and front of premises ,one every metre this will solve your condensation problem .


Answered 25th Nov 2020

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