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Driveways and house render

We’re looking to get our driveway paved in the new year, which is currently a mix of concrete and gravel however the house (1930's semi, red brick) has a layer of concrete (I presume) render around the bottom of the house which is crumbling off in a couple of places which we'd want to renew properly. If I get something to redo the render, will they be able to dig out the concrete all the way around the edge of house or just render what they can see/above ground? I only ask as once the front garden and side alley is cleared of concrete and gravel and they have dug down a few inches ready to be paved, it's going to be slightly lower than it is now..

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Our advice is to always "start from the bottom and work your way up" because with groundwork it always works better to build up to the correct finished level than to build down to the correct finished level. Also If you decide to render the property first, when the driveway does get dugout and the concrete surface around the property is dismantled, the render may crumble or break lose where the concrete is slightly attached to the surface for a seam-less finish.

So we would strongly recommend have the driveway installed first then the render can me applied with strength and a seam-less finish.


Answered 14th Nov 2017

Sounds like the best option would be to have all the concrete removed first. At the point where the paving is ready to be laid (I'm assuming block pavers) the wall can be re rendered and won't get damaged again. This should also give a seem less finish around and slightly below your new paved level. Hope that helps


Answered 2nd Nov 2017

Some contractors INCLUDING US would be able to quote for both jobs
Then the rendering and drive would be sorted in one go!
Hope this helps. Kev


Answered 30th Dec 2017

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