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Can you put cement in the eaves and block them off?

We do not have eave spikes or comb fillers to prevent birds getting in our eaves - a pest control surveyor mentioned filling them with cement - can we do that? If not, what is an alternative solution? As rodents may be getting in through the eaves. Thanks

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You can but it stops any water that gets under you tiles reaching the gutter causing the under felt to erode &create damp, alternative solution would be to fit felt supports trays with bird guards.
Good luck Alex


Answered 28th Oct 2017

eaves guards best solution


Answered 2nd Nov 2017

Eaves guards are the best and cheapest way to solve this issue, concreting them will only cause further problems with regards to felt erosion and would prevent any water from tracking down the felt if needed.


Answered 4th Nov 2017

Yes you can repoint and re-bed when necessary but I would highly recommend dry verge caps as this is a one time fix meaning it's free


Answered 9th Nov 2017

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