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Splitting incoming electric supply.

hi there. Looking for general advice on converting a two bed flat into two 1 bed flats. I would like them to have there own separate meters etc. What's the easiest and most economic way of doing this? Can i split the incoming supply to two new metres with the suppliers permission? How would i supply the second flat if this isn't an option? What is the proceedure i should take to get this type of work done (the stuff i need to get sorted before listing a job on mybuilder to get a sparky in)

Gratefull for all responses!

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As you don't say where the incoming supply cable is or where the meter is located, I'll assume that its already outside the flat.

You will need to alter the electrical circuits such that each flat has its own consumer unit and that each flat has a current BS7671 Electrical Installation Certificate with test results. Ideally the consumer units should be inside each flat with a LSH (Low Smoke Halogen) submain cable running back to the electric meter position.

At the meter position the sub-main cables will need to be terminated into 60/100amp isolators with 16mm double insulated meter tails coming out for connection to the meters.

Whilst this is going on you can contact your supplier and arrange for a new supply at the new flat. They will probably ask for a copy of the test certificates and then book you an appointment to fit the additional meter etc.

Hope this helps.


Answered 19th Dec 2011

yes you need to contact supplier to get a second supply-they will advise on whether a new feed cable is required or not. If not they will split the supply to feed two meters. Need to bear in mind that two flats will have a bigger maximum demand than one.
After supply is sorted you need a part p approved electrician to fit new consumer units and carry out rewire and retest.

I would be happy to quote this work if you are in the southeast within 20miles of Orpington.


Answered 20th Dec 2011

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