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Weight of a cast irong radiator (160kg!) supported?

I am replacing a wall radiator that I had and that was falling off my wall as it was too heavy for the thin wall. I thought I could put something that stands on feet instead of being fixed to the wall to solve the problem of the wall being too thin. So I started lookign at nice cast iron radiators. It seems that the one I would get will weight in the 160kgs. I am now worried about it being to heavy - I live on the first floor of a typical victorian house and my floor is just made of old pine floorboards.
On the other hand 160 kilos on 2 feet that's 80kgs on each and I don't see why it wouldn't hold but I'd rather be sure, I'm wondering if I'm not being stupid here.... Many thansk for your help! :-)

Also I forgot to ask: some seller csay that the radiators are Pressure tested to 10 Bar and some other to 8 Bar: What's teh difference? Many thanks! :-)

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are you sure of the weight being kg not lb as this seems to be excessive .if in lbs it will be fine ,if in kg how you going to lift it up stairs as it will take minimum of 2 people, it will be ok so long as your floor joists and boards are sound and your joists are a minimum 6" depth


Answered 19th Dec 2011

If your timber is sound then it will not be a prblem. If you are still worried you could always mount it on another piece of wood which would spread the load.

Oh dont forget ....... thats 160 kilo's without the water in it!


Answered 19th Dec 2011

Hi Carolyn,

Most plumber's wallet's weigh more than that. That's why they always look tired, struggling to carry them around...

As long as your joists/floorboards aren't rotten, they will easily hold that weight. Most floors are designed to hold at least six times the weight they will ever carry easily.

Kind regards



Answered 19th Dec 2011

Hi Carolyn,
You can batten out your stud wall to take the weight of the wall mounted radiator - you probably wouldn't even notice the cuts in the plasterboard as they'd be hidden by the radiator.
Cast iron radiators look very nice, but there are various issues with them. Firstly, if the radiator in question is reclaimed has it been pressure tested to make sure it doesn't leak anywhere? Secondly, 160kg is the weight without water... Thirdly, the heat output is rubbish.
If you want the look of a traditional radiator you can get steel ones - Acova do them with good outputs too, though these too are wall mounted. A basic range can be purchased from B&Q, or good bathroom showrooms will stock the higher end range (under the Zehnder brand).
Bristan do a Nero range if I remember correctly, which has feet supports - but these are pretty expensive...
If you have any further queries feel free to drop me a line.
Kind regards,
Alex (AC Plumbing).


Answered 19th Dec 2011

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