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We have had damp and ould issues in our flat and nothing is stopping it?

Its always cold desipte having the heating on. The mold is on clothes and shoes and areas of the walls are dripping with water. We vent the areas and use a dehumidifier but still have issues. any ideas?

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without looking at the problem their is really not enough information to give an accurate reason , to many things can cause dampness.

bad pointing,roof, guttering, water drip, lack of air circulation


Answered 16th Dec 2011

It is normally a combination of many things. Insulation and the flats construction are key in how you tackle the problem. Ventilation of kitchens and bathrooms are key. Trickle vents on double glazing/windows are key. If the walls on your property are solid or poorly insulated then insulation will also help a lot. Carpets cling on to moisture a lot more than non porous floor coverings (lino, tiles, laminate, wood).

If you want the issue addressing properly best call an expert (building surveyor). To write up a report on the flat.



Answered 19th Dec 2011

Do you have loft insulation?
Do you have solid or cavity walls?
How old is your house?
Is it all of the walls or just in certain area's?
Do you dry your washing on radiators?
Do you use an unvented tumble dryer?
Do you have a damp coarse?


Answered 19th Dec 2011

For mould to be present you have condensation rather than damp. Normal solutions are to ensure you have good mechanical ventilation to both your bathroom and kitchen, to use central heating ( but definitely not gas or parafin heaters) and to also look at ways of improving insulation to the property.
A good remedial surveyor should be able to help resolve this
PTLS Property Care


Answered 19th Dec 2011

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