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Are there any particular things to consider when replacing a gas oven with an electric one?

We have an inbuilt gas oven which we want to replace as it's next to useless. Ideally we would prefer to replace it with an electric oven.

I realise that the gas oven has to be disconnected by a registered gas safe engineer and the electric oven requires its own circuit (which I believe it already has).

However, before I go out and buy a new oven ready for fitting, is there anything else that needs considering? I have a few questions already but professional advice would be helpful.

1. I assume most inbuilt ovens are a standard size? Therefore it's just a case of buying one.
2. Would most gas safe registered engineers be able to fit and connect the electric one?
3. Do ovens require a particular gap between the back of the oven and the wall to allow air flow/cooling/venting for the fan?


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Hello Adam,

1, Single ovens are standard width size to fit inside a unit...but they can vary in size slighty in height, so the shelf they sit on often needs to be re positioned because of this. Double ovens sometimes sit on rails in between 2 units rather than inbuilt into a unit, so you have to look out for this.

2, If your gas fitter is Part P registered, or is a qualified Electrician it will be ok. May need to change to a 6mm cable.

3, Most oven's self vent out the front nowadays, but check the instructions...may require holes in the floor/back of the unit, and either a notch cut out the top of plinth, or plinth vent.

kind regards



Answered 19th Dec 2011

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