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Has anyone got any rough ideas on a total flat refurbishment

Hi, I've been in my two bed flat for 10 years now. It is a conversion within an old school. We're at the top and part of the flat was new build into the roof. I don't want to move but with a growing family and wear and tear I would like a total refurb. Also, just found out the original builders put in no insulation! So, if I list the ideas could anyone please give me a rough ideas of what I might be looking at? And where best to start? Do I need an architect? I want to:
Add insulation to all the roof and walls.
Raise the ceiling in the living room/kitchen and add in a mezzanine floor.
Replace all the radiators in the rooms (5 rooms).
Replace the laminate floor with wooden floor.
New kitchen.
New bathroom.
Wow, a lot of work but I'm sure it will be cheaper than moving as this area has got very pricey lately.

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Hi,done one of these recently and got it done for 12800 including re decoration and materials,more or less same size too.
Kind regards
Chris spence

Answered 15th Dec 2011

Bright Painting & Decorating Services

Member since 18 Nov 2011

Sorry but its very difficult to give any ideas of cost as you dont give any sizes.Costs of kitchens & bathrooms vary enormously depending on spec.A good builder will sit you down and try to achieve your goals within your budget.Virtualy impossible to do on line without a viewing.

Answered 15th Dec 2011

m w building construction and property maintenance

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Hi Emma, sounds as though you have big plans, you must like it where you are!
Obviously without seeing the job it's hard for anyone to give you an exact cost and plan of action, but with the information you've already mentioned I would suggest getting an Architect to have a look.You will almost certainly need a Structural Engineer too if you plan to build a mezzanine floor, but maybe your Architect will sort that for you.
You said it was part of an old School, so I'm guessing there are other flats as well? will you need to get permission from the other owners/tenants before you can start work?
As for price.... I would say about £20-25k
Hope this helps.
J Chappell Joinery and Renovation

Answered 15th Dec 2011

J Chappell Joinery

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Hello Emma

Instructing an architect would probably be over-egging the pudding but I do think you would need some sound, to scale floor plans, partly to identify any problems with your proposed layout and partly so that your builder will be sure of his brief.

Depending on how high spec you want to go, five radiators will cost you £2,500-£3,000; a new kitchen about £7,000 and the bathroom could be done for about £5,000 with the benefit of trade discounts and careful sourcing on-line; I know this because I've done it for my own development properties.

Beyond that, the rest of the work is difficult to quantify without seeing it but don't forget to check your lease to see if you need landlord's consent to any internal alterations; you probably will and your landlord will probably make a charge for granting it. Furthermore, your structural changes will need Building Regulations approval as will certain plumbing and all electrical work if you're not using accredited tradesmen.


Answered 15th Dec 2011

Handmaiden Interior Design and Property Improvement

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Hi emma,

Using an architect is helpful but will increase your budget. If you know what you want and are happy talking it through, then I would put an advert on this site and invite round a 2-3 local builders. They could then offer you advice/quotes.

If you need help making sense of your plans/ideas then an architect may be a sensible idea (try and use someone local as they will understand the local rules and regs).

Briner & Sons Ltd

Answered 15th Dec 2011

Briner & Sons Ltd

Member since 2 Mar 2009

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