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Water leak from bathtub and sink into kitchen wall


I need some advice please.

Whenever i turn on the tap in the bathtub and sink in upstairs bathroom, water leaks in the kitchen wall where the pipe is fitted. There is always streak of water line on the wall.
currently water drains fine in sink no blockages, but water drains slow in the bathtub if the water is turned on with full force.
both the bath pipe and sink pipes are connected into one which travels down the kitchen wall.
water never used to leak when i used the sink but only started to leak yesterday, however when i used to use the bathtub it leaked.
what is causing this and how can i check what the problem is without having to break the kitchen wall?
the top of the kitchen wall around ceiling is damp and eroding from water.
needs looking at asap but would like to know what its likely to be before getting a plumber in.


1 Answer

i think its intermittent as all your water pipe are full with water and no leaks
so must be a wasted pipe connection or the pipe it self as this only happens when you use the the taps..

Answered 16th Oct 2017


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