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No hot water in shower

I have a concealed dual valve thermostatic mixer shower which only gives (luke)warm water when opening cold tap in sink.

I have hot water everywhere in the house, except the shower will only give (luke)warm water when I fully open the cold tap in the bathroom sink.

This is the datasheet for the shower:

- The combi boiler works, and starts firing when turning shower on. Temperature is set on recommended 60C;
- Calibrating shower temperature settings didnt resolve the problem.
- The lever to change the temperature doesn't do anything either..

When contacting the supplier they told me I have an imbalance in the system and that this might be resolved by fitting a pressure reducing valve. They say it might also be solved by fitting a new cartridge in the shower. I also had a plumber in who said it could be the cartridge or I should fit a completely new shower.

Before I spend £115 on a new cartridge I would be grateful if anyone could advice me on next steps...


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9/10 its Usually down to the cartridge being faulty


Answered 16th Dec 2011

Hi, my name is rigsby basic plumbing, i would say yes cartridge needs replaceing.hard to say with out haveing a look , 150 on new cartridge sounds a bit pricey good luck best wishes rigsby.


Answered 14th Dec 2011

Try putting a restrictor in the pipework on the cold feed to the shower it might, i repeat might, solve it , but it is a very cheap way of proving whether the cartridge is working correctly. A restrictor could be ,stop tap,gate valve or ballofix valve


Answered 14th Dec 2011

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