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How long should a power shower last on an approx 140litre cylinder

my showers keep running cold after 2 showers, depending on time of day, the shower runs for about 10-15 min before fit runs cold . i times the power output and it is around 15 litres a min of mixed water and the water temperature is set to 60degress at the boiler . Was wondering if there is a problem with the tank, i can't even fill a bath tub with the amount of hot water i am getting . or maybe the power shower is just blasting out too much water ?

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try leaving 20minutes or so between your showers to allow heat recovery to happen, if the boiler shows 60 degrees this might be the primary flow temperature in the pipes ( are your rads very warm?) call someone to turn up the temp setting in the boiler??? or is the cylinder stat 2/3rds the way down the cylinder lagging the lower the stat the more water you'll warm up

Answered 14th Dec 2011


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Do the maths,15 litres times 10 (minutes) = 150 litres,for a comfortable shower,i would have thought the hot water demand would be dominant ,say 70% and in cold weather maybe more ,because the cold will be coming in @3 to 12 degees depending where the cold tank is situated,i suggest you wait 30 mins between each shower, or fit a bigger copper cylinder(the hot tank)

Answered 14th Dec 2011

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