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Tree recovery from roundup damage


I'm looking for some advise on a rather difficult situation.

Our neighbour has a rather large poplar tree approx. 20m from our garden. Last your without knowing I manage to damaged the roots of the tree. I had no idea they belonged to their tree. I assumed where from our garden from old trees, they didn't look like roots and where sprouting. Anyway to cut a story short I drilled and poured roundup into some of these roots and as a result part of the tree has suffered damage. Two large branches have misshapen leaves, a couple with none, though 60% of the tree is in good health. Damage is on one side as per roots in my garden.

Currently our neighbour is demanding we remove the tree and stump, replant and carry out any remedial works to put the garden right. As this is not a small tree this will costs thousands.

Understandable to is concerned about the safety, though sentiment is driving this I believe (I would be annoyed if someone damaged my tree).

The tree has been stable for several months now, though its now not the prettiest and the damaged branches appear to be sprouting, the rest of the tree appears to be in good condition.

I understand that trees are very capable to recover from herbicide damage, particularly is damage is halted and there is indication of new growth. I maybe completely wrong, but it seems a bit drastic to remove the tree at this stage without giving it a chance.

I'm assuming a tree condition report would help? How much do these cost?
And perhaps some pruning to ensure the tree is safe.

Am I just being hopeful or should the tree just be removed?

No telling off please as I'm fully aware of the silly mistake! And to put salt on the wound the tree has a TPO! I'm hoping the council are going to be lenient as I think they know it wasn't wilful destruction.

Any advice would be most appreciated?


2 Answers

If it has a tpo on it it cannot just be removed without the written consent of your local planning department,your best bet is to talk to your local planning department an see what they say.personally think you neighbour is being a tad unreasonable and looking to get his garden landscaped for free.
Good luck Alex

Answered 11th Oct 2017

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Hire a reputable arborist to survey the trees structural and internal health. Regarding the Tree protection order It's your neighbours tree so let them sort the paperwork out

Answered 1st Nov 2017

A.J.B. Tree & Landscaping

Member since 27 Oct 2017

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