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Condensation on upstairs windows only

OK, so we live in a 2 bed, mid-terrace house with a wet room between the 2 bedrooms, no window, just an extractor pump fitted in loft the sucks the moisture out of the wet room and pumps it outside via an outlet in the roof.
Both bedroom have had newly fitted windows this year, also had new central heating system installed this year with correctly sized radiators.
Now the cold weather is here, we have all windows closed, but trickle vents open.
We are a couple and only use the 1 bedroom.
The heating is on 21c during the day which we increase to 22c when going up to bed.
But yet we still have condensation on all upstair windows in the morning.
Can anyone suggest where the problem lies?
I have checked the loft and insulation seems plentiful above the bedroom, and perhaps a little sparse above the wet room where the pump was installed and cabling laid.
So thinking that may not be helping, but thinking the cause could be the moisture is not being extracted from the wetroom sufficiently.
The extractor pump was again installed this year and was told it was the most powerful solution, it comes on when we turn the light on, and continues for approx 5 mins after we turn the light out.... could it be the power or duration could be increased and that could help?

Would really appreciate some advice as we are housing association tenants, and although they've done a lot of improvements in terms of the extractor pump, radiators, and windows, it would be good if i could point them in a direction of finally solving this condensation issue.

The condensation used to affect the downstairs windows, but the radiators and windows seemed to have solved it there.

Edit: I forgot to mention we have a condenser dryer in an alcove in the spare bedroom, which has doors, but still main and spare bedroom windows have condensation equally. I have a cheap hydrometer which showed at 5am this morning the inside temp was 19.1c with a humidity of 85%. The 2 outer panes of glass with the trickle vents above weren't too bad, but the middle panes were full steamed up completely.
Incidentally the outside temp was 8.0c and the thermostat downstairs was showing 22.0c, the hygrometer was placed on the window sill above the radiator (which was warm).


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Hi. It appears to me you might be better having a fan with a humidistat rather than a timer

Answered 4th Oct 2017

Timothy David Interiors

Member since 24 Jul 2017

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