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Water still running even though it's turned ofg

Anonymous user 3 October 2017 - 10.32 AM

I was trying to turn water off. Turned stop cock off under sink. Stops all water except cold water in bathroom. So I think it must be gravity fed too as well as a combi boiler. Just couldn't see water tank in attic. What you think. You think there must be a tank too. Was going to leave it running for about half hour or so to empty the tank in attic if there is one. I am trying to turn the water off so i can change flow cartridge in mixer shower. The water is turned off under the sink in kitchen. This turns all water off except cold water to sink and mixer shower in bathroom (no bath in there). I think it must also have gravity feed from attic but couldn't see a tank after a quick look. Shall I just leave it running to see if the tank empties if there is one.

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It is possible you are running two systems. It has been known before. Once you have isolated the stop cock, let all water run out of the taps. This will allow you to work on the shower


4 October 2017