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What are maximum heights allowed for fences between properties. what are best fencing options?

we live in a terraced house. We have neighbours two doors along who live in an adjoining new buid with a raised garden. They have just built a fence around one side of their garden (furthest from us) that must be atleast 2m high and looks very imposing above our garden. We want to build our own fence to extend above our existing brick wall of 5ft tall, with wood, that does not obscure bottom section of brick wall and is within our garden and our side of the wall.
How high can we build our fence?
What are the best materials for this job?
Who should we be looking to employ for the job?

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Normally, maximum height is 2m
Post, arris rails and feather edge is a good fence.
Builders, fencers, hard landscapers can do fencing.


Answered 14th Dec 2011

Within 3 metres of a road edge fences should not be more than 1 metre in height.
Otherwise anything up to 6,6 feet is normally acceptable, any higher requires planning permission, but its weather any body reports you. in my erea all housing is meant to have open plan front gardens but every body has planted shrubs and put fencing up.

ive only ever come across 9ft concreat fence posts so if ur going higher than 6'6 would be tempted to get some tanalised fence posts.

hope this helps a bit


Answered 14th Dec 2011

2m backyards
1m frontyard and or near highway


Answered 6th May 2017

you are aloud to have the fence including the wall no more than 1mtr950mm tall prob the same as ur neighbours in hight and it shouldnt matter if their is a road / footpath because the wall is already their , and best materials wld be long enough to be in the ground abit as well as using (m10 ram bolts) to fix it to the wall or (studing and cemfix) with 8ft 4x4 posts (2ft in the grond,the 5ft wall ,and 1 and half foot on the wall, and cantrail fixed with 4"scews wld defanetly be ok, if it was one long level stretch of wall the best do the fence with 1.8 inters for strenght u wldnt nd gravel boards as its its siting direct on the wall


Answered 12th Jan 2012

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