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Problem tarmac where do i stand

contacted a driveway firm and they gave me a written estimate of £6K to tarmac the front and side of my bungalow - approximately 30 sq meters. I agreed the price but the contractor only did block drives so he sub-contracted to a tarmac company. When they did the drive the parts that met the bricks round the side where very uneven and there is a large square section at the front that was clearly laid after the rest. complained to the main contractor and the sub-contractor came back the next day and tidied up the sides but did not touch the main part. He said that the Main contractor did not order enough tarmac so he had to get more and that t was not his fault. The Main contractor agreed that it is a very poor job so tried to get another contractor to dig it up and redo the drive. The other contractor then pulled out so the main contractor has returned with someone else today who told us that he could not have done a better job! I am really not happy with this an although I thought £6K was a lot of money am willing to pay this but not for a sub-standard drive. What can I do about this? The man contractor was being very supportive but guess he is wanting the rest of the money now - I have only paid him £3K so far. HELP

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I cannot comment on quality of work I cannot see but my advice to you if you're not happy is withhold payment until you can resolve the dispute. I would advise you to keep all comments between you and the main contractor in writing and seek help from the CAB as soon as possible.


Answered 2nd Oct 2017

Hi Annie, firstly, did any digging take place? If not, 6K is a bizarre amount of money for 30m2, in fact it sounds like a bizarre amount of money either way. I would always recommend retrieving 3 quotes before any works are carried out. As Chris has already said, I cannot comment on quality of works without seeing it myself. If you are not happy with the work that has been carried out then the main contractor should work with you to resolve this in a manner in which you both walk away happy. I would advise that you make contact with another contractor and ask for his opinion and maybe even ask for a quote to fix it. Good luck and I hope you get this resolved.


Answered 9th Jan 2018

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