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Could a plasterer repair that section of the ceiling - or does the whole ceiling need re-plastering? about 9x5ft.

An old shower leak above a small kitchen a few years ago has dried out, but left deep cracks in the plaster in the corner of the ceiling.

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There's different factors to of ceiling,wall units/trim possibly to remove etc.......the list goes on.
It would probably be easier to get someone round to actually look at it & tell you exactly what needs to be done rather than a dozen or so people on here trying to guess with different answers which is what will happen.



Answered 12th Dec 2011

Depends on the condition of the ceiling, a plasterer could repair part of the ceiling, take all loose stuff of first, but it better to over skim the whole ceiling.


Answered 12th Dec 2011

hi really depends on the condition of the ceiling, you can part plaster any area, need to take of all the loose and flakey parts first but any plaster would like to see the job 1st


Answered 8th Jan 2012

its better to replaster the whole ceiling


Answered 20th Oct 2015

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