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QuestionWhat would prevent any hot or cold water coming out of shower

All other water feeds are working ok e.g. washer, bath taps and all other taps and also central heating system.

6 Answers

Best Answer

a blockage or scale build up in the shower head or mixer unit try the shower head first

richard taggart building company 13th Dec, 2011

Do you have a thermo mixer shower?

Was there any check valves installed on water supply to shower unit? Is there a pump on there? Has this just happened or is it a faulty new installation?

Could be a number of things and with a bit more info I can diagnose and help you remedy.



Concept building services 13th Dec, 2011

Airlock or faulty valve on shower itself. Try wet vac to pull air through if this does not work call in a plumber to replace shower valve. Good luck D Oliver

Build It 24/7 12th Dec, 2011

the hot and cold pipework has an air lock preventing the flow of water to the shower

lakeside plumbing services ltd 12th Dec, 2011

limescale build up on the shower head, thermostat cartridge sticking may require a service.


Home Repair 24/7(uk)Limited 12th Dec, 2011

The answers are airlocks ,pump not working if fitted,blocked pipework or faulty shower, sorry i cant be of more help but there are so many possibilities.

sovereign plumbing and heating 13th Dec, 2011

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