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Questionwhere on the windows & how do i fit trickle vents

wooden frames

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You would normally put a trickle vent at the top of an opening window in the window frame. It involves drilling a series of holes and then fixing a trickle vent in place to neaten it up. The vent can be open or closed once fitted

Briner & Sons Ltd 11th Dec, 2011

They go in/on the head of the frame or top rail of the sahes, central to the either the window frame/sah itself....or on bigger windows you may need more than one, so centre them up over the sahes.

You need to mark a level line on the top of the frame/sash... drill series of holes, then chisel out to create a mortice, can be a complete mare to do in the frame, due to the location/proximity of the reveal. So probably easier to put in the sash.

check link http://www.diydoctor.org.uk/projects/trickle-vents.htm

Rebel Carpenter 12th Dec, 2011

depends on the area and amount of windows
generallt tricle vents are fitted into the head rail of the window frame or the top rail of sash.
some very easy surface fitted ones avaliable on market can drill series of holes then with chisel make into a slot and fit vent over top ! opening side interior grill exterior

S Smith Carpentry 11th Dec, 2011

fit the vents into the top of the opening sashes,make sure window is closed then place the vent to the center of the frame wich is showing,mark the vent fixing holes,then pencil a line between the two fixing points and drill several 8 or 10 mill holes along the line , u need to go through two skins of the upvc,then then do the same on the outside

grove windows 11th Dec, 2011

Fit the trickle vents to the head of window, (top rail ) basically when you get the vents hold them in place and mark, then drill a series of 10mm holes before fitting front and back covers.


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