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How to add privacy to driveway gate?

I have a steel gate at my driveway which I'd like to add more privacy to. I like the metal gate with wood 'infill" look, think I can use the cladding wood panels to cover the gate but am worrying that by adding wood panels to the gate will add too much weight and not sure if the hinges will cope with it, especially if it's raining the wood panels will observe water too. A metal sheet is my last option as I don't like the look if all painted black. Is there any other materials that I can use to infill the metal gate? Or any specific type of wood panel which is lighter and suitable for the purpose?
I'm not sure what type of trade this belongs to, will a handyman able to do the job? Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi, it's difficult to advise without seeing the gate for myself but an alternative to wood paneling you could use a composite cladding board readily available in most upvc suppliers it comes in many colours and has a wood grain effect embossed into it. Therefore you would have a quarter of the weight and no absorption this would enable the hinges to carry the load sufficiently hope this helps good luck!!.


Answered 13th Sep 2017

It will all come down to, the type of post the gate is attached to (wood/brick/stone). The posts structure. The length of the gate and the type of wood you intend to use for the infill panel. When it comes to the aspect of the wood taking on water when it rains. If you seal the wood with either a clear exterior varnish or undercoat/prime and finish with a exterior gloss, you shouldn't find that the wood takes on any water.


Answered 13th Sep 2017

Security can be paramount when considering your gate options. After all it's the first thing to meet and greet anyone who is looking to break your privacy.
Consider the level of privacy you require. Your location and the fabric of the gate and posts
You will need durability what ever you choose.
Metal gates I have seen treated timber fitted.
I would look at local fabrication companies to make nice decorative panels and have them fitted. May cost more but will out last everything else.
Cheap option would be bamboo screens.
Nicholls Master Locksmiths & security Consultant


Answered 14th Sep 2017

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