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Applying silicone over silicone

I recently had my bathroom re done and asked the fitter to apply silicone between the bottom on the bath panel and the flooring. I recently noticed that the silicone has cracked. Because there is no mould on the silicone, can I apply new silicone over the old one or do i need to remove the old one. If I need to remove it, what is the best way of removing it?


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You should remove it first just scrape the old silicone away with a stanley knife or you can buy removing kits from screwfix make sure you wet your finger when smoothing the new silicone so it doesn't drag


Answered 6th Sep 2017

Hi always remove the old silocone as it will not bind correctly. Like
Stated above a Stanley an being careful will remove the silocone without damaging the surrounding area. Make sure the area is complete dry so the new seal bead sticks Once you lay your silocone bead get a spray bottle with soapy water in an completly spray over the new seal. Then wet your finger an smooth off. This method will only allow the new silocone to stick where you lay your bead.


Answered 7th Sep 2017

Definitely remove the old silicone. Again, Stanley blade or you can purchase silicone removal tools in a a fair few places these days. Re-seal with new, washing up liquid and water solution to smooth bead down.


Answered 8th Sep 2017

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