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Garage convertion floor leaking at at low level thresh hold any ideas

we had a carport which we have converted in to a day room we have double french doors which have not been toe and heald correctly and water is cumming under the fresh hold as the floor is the same hight as the groung outside has any one got any reasoable solutions for the problem with the thresh hold .

Hi all thanks for all the reply,s i do already have drainage infront of the doors, this is a disabled low leve; thresh hold so it needed to be low to the floor and it passed all building regs when it was installed, but unfortuanatly one of the french doors was not fitted correctly we only noticed as i took up flooring and saw the concrete was wet but yes it does need re alineing toe andd healing, i dont have any problems with the thresh hold its fine now just the door to be done but no one wants the job

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Im afraid that putting the threshold/cill ,directly on the ground, you will always have water coming in.
Should have been laid on a couple of courses of engineering bricks, then dpc.

Answered 9th Dec 2011


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What do you mean by day room? Im afraid all you have at the moment is an unusable carport.The doors being sat straight on the ground and the floor and ground heights being the same suggest that this is not going to be much of a room in its current state.Why not post it as a job and get some ideas from local trades.Whilst it may never be your intention to get it up to building regs standard,you will definetly be able to do something to get it more like a usable room than it is now.

Answered 9th Dec 2011

Roc builders

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Sorry Andy your job is a bodge.Take it down & build it properly.

Answered 9th Dec 2011

m w building construction and property maintenance

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Hi andy,

In the first instance the doors need to be installed correctly. You say they have not been heal and toed, so i assume the doors are hanging low on the corner furthest from hinge. I would get these alligned first.

With regard to the conversion it is normal practice to raise the floor in a garage to match the house (with insulation,waterproof membrane and screed). Currently the floor sits below the damp course on the house (that is not the best idea to avoid damp issues).

I would recommend you advertising the job on here and having some good local builders come and have a look. It sounds to me like there could be a few issues.


John Briner
Briner and Sons Ltd

Answered 9th Dec 2011

Briner & Sons Ltd

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you could put some drainage at the front of the doors or just raise the doors

Answered 10th Dec 2011

John Hodgins Plastering & Renovation Services

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drop the level of the ground out side,or fit charcon drain acros the front of the door,which will be connected to your dranage stystem.

Answered 10th Dec 2011

awinn build

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I would put some drainage channel in place and raise the threshold trim the doors at bottom for a cost effective repair.

Ideally 2 courses of engineering bricks, dpc with drainage in front.

Winter time is always the test for any new addition to the property.


Concept building services of Kent

Answered 14th Dec 2011

Concept building services

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