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How to apply matt paint over glossy primed walls

Hi there

The walls in a room were originally dark blue. I wanted to paint the room cream.

The plan was to prime first with one coat, and then apply the cream paint. However my partner primed the walls, and the primer has produced a glossy surface on the walls.

I checked the primer he used, and although it was a multi-purpose primer (plaster, metal, wood), the small print on the can advised NOT to paint on large surfaces such as walls or ceilings.

I have now tried to apply the cream matt paint but it does not adhere to the surface.

I would be grateful for any advice you can give on how to make the matt paint stick to the glossy walls.

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its very simple really, all you need to do is rub down the walls with a medium glass paper to remove the shine of the gloss, making sure you don't miss any areas. This will provide a good key for any paint you choose.

Answered 9th Dec 2011


Member since 9 Dec 2011

I would lightly sand to take sheen off it, then put a coat of oil based undercoat which can be applied by roller, then you apply your emulsion.
Best o luck Paul

Answered 9th Dec 2011


Member since 6 Oct 2010

I take it you used an oil based primer?... you must of been high as a kite on them fumes!!!

Just give the walls a good sand down to remove the sheen left from the primer and start again with emulsion this time

Good luck!

Answered 9th Dec 2011


Member since 26 Oct 2008

get some white matt paint such as dulux supermatt & roll over the walls 1 coat let dry & put a second that should do the trick.then you are ready to paint with the desired colour.rh decorators

Answered 10th Dec 2011


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Answered 10th Dec 2011

whapshott generalhousemaintenance

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Good rub down with medium grade scratch (around 80 grade sand paper).
then coat with mat emulsion fist coat will probably take longer to dry than normal maybe 4 to 6 hours. After that Emulsion should dry normal. Or you could go Long way round which is 100% guaranteed to work is same Preparation then
thin down (approx 10% white spirit) White Undercoat. Let dry over night then coat up with emulsion as above Have done this procedure on numerous occasions and its worked every time.
Regards Tom

Answered 10th Dec 2011


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The best solution for this problem will be lightly sand the area using a fine sandpaper. You just basically need to take the shine off the paint.

I hope that helps.


Answered 9th Dec 2011


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you could use a pole sander which would rub the shine off the wall creating a key and then apply a coat of white matt then put your colours on

Answered 9th Dec 2011

John Hodgins Plastering & Renovation Services

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Hi,hmm interesting,is the emulsion forming bubble like craters in close formation when you apply ?
Ok you need to abrade wall with a 120 grit sandpaper,you then need to use 2litres of emulsion mixed with just over half a litre of water,apply this to your walls,which is a miscoat,then when dry apply your emulsion,2 coats should see it right.
Next time you want to put a primer sealer on your walls use Zinsser cover stain or Zinsser 123,or Gliddens primer sealer which is a lot cheaper but does a great job.
Hope this helps,one more thing next time make sure your clean your walls it helps the application of paint if it gos onto a clean surface.
Good luck.

Answered 10th Dec 2011

Bright Painting & Decorating Services

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you need to sand down the walls to provide a solution is lining paper
to provide a sound base after which.. you will have no trouble applying the
finishing paint
Hope this helps

Answered 9th Dec 2011

Tradesman Decorators Nottm/Wirral

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get a sand paper 80g or 120g just a light scratch should do the job, remember that any surface before painting must be clean and dust free.

Answered 9th Dec 2011


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Primer is not the correct paint to use. You may have to use an oil based undercoat to cover the primer then paint on to the undercoat. Try a small patch first to see if it works as you wish. If the walls are papered worst case scenario would be to strip walls and start again. If the walls are plastered you may have to lightly sand the walls to 'dull' the glossy shine of the primer and see if you paint takes to the primer. It will probably need 2 coats of matt paint to take. Use quality matt paints not the cheap DIY rubbish that is available. Dulux, leyland, Johnson's, Wickes master range,B+Q (not their cheap stuff).

Hope that helps

Answered 9th Dec 2011

Briner & Sons Ltd

Member since 2 Mar 2009

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