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Whats causing low hot water pressure.

Anonymous user 1 September 2017 - 2.38 PM

Hi my central heating system is an Ideal Instinct combi boiler & 6 rads. The boiler is only a couple of years old and have recently had a new bathroom installed. Since this the rads have struggled to heat up and the hot water pressure isn't great which i think is a result of scale/sludge in the old pipe system. Another plumber mentioned low pressure could be a result of small bore isolation valves. The cold water is really high pressure it' s just the hot which is low. Please advise where possible :)

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Firstfix heating
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Hi, low hot water pressure/flow rate on an ideal can be caused by a faulty / blocked flow sensor or potentially scaled plate heat exchanger, testing/removal of the mentioned parts would have to be carried out to confirm. Hope you get it sorted, I'm not based to far away if you don't have any luck. C. Boyle firstfix Heating.


1 September 2017