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Hello. I recently had an electric shower pump fitted to increase my water pressure from my shower. This has been fitted above my hot water cylinder in the bathroom. The problem is that now although the water pressure if great, I can no longer adjust the water temperature - so it only runs hot water. Even when I unplug the pump, i;m still only getting hot water so its a bit of a nightmare really. The plumber I used promised to come back to look at it weeks ago but still no news! Can anyone help? I'm not sure what kind of a boiler I have - think its a Valliant combi boiler which heats both radiators and water. Many thanks - N

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Assuming that you don't have a combi boiler (as i don't think any good plumbers would have fitted a pump to a combi), i think that the thermostat inside the shower has gone. Depending on what type of shower you have, you may be able to replace just the thermostat.

Answered 10th Dec 2011

NewDeco Bathrooms

Member since 28 Nov 2011

Have you got a combi and a hot water cylinder?waste of money fitting a shower pump with a combi ,you need to check what system you have got

Answered 8th Dec 2011

Paul Caton Gas Services

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Looks like you need a good plumber! If you have a combi boiler you shouldn't have a pump on the system. A combi works on the main for both hot and cold therefore you should have quite enough pressure for your shower. You mention a hot water tank
which would seem to negate the requirement of having a combi which gives instant hot water. Pumps only work on low pressure systems that usually have a cold water tank in the attic. There are too many imponderables in your question. If you give me a call perhaps we can get to the bottom of it.



Answered 8th Dec 2011

photofinish contracts

Member since 6 Oct 2011

its pointless putting a pump on a combi system as your boiler is mains fed ,i would suggest an equal pressure valve installed after your pump that might work

Answered 8th Dec 2011

crest installations and maintenance services

Member since 25 Oct 2011

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