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I have damp in most rooms of my maisonette.

Hi, I have a purpose built maisonette and am situated on the 1st floor. Since I moved in 2 years ago I have had damp on the ceiling in various places but mainly in my sons bedroom which has two external walls. The ceiling drips in cold weather and I'm not sure if the problem is condensation because the roof space is so cold, if so how do I solve the damp?

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Check that you have minimum 270mm of insulation in the roof space, dont block any roof vents.
If you have trickle vents on the heads of windows make sure they are open, you might need extra vents fitted.


Answered 8th Dec 2011

at this time of the year the loft space is supposed to be cold and draughty , this is to prevent your roof timbers from rotting.

your dampness problems could be any number of things, bad pointing , cement fillets failed, guttering felt rotted, broken or cracked roof tiles, gutter full of leaves or gunk,

your best bet is post the job on the site and get someone out to diagnose the problem / solution.

best of luck alex


Answered 9th Dec 2011

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