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Do velux pivot velux windows slam shut?

My builder tells me my velux windows needs to be closed with some force. I'm very concerned as it is very stiff to open and you have to close it with force for it to lock. Today when I opened it the handle broke. I've noticed the window seems to be abit bent. What could be the fault? I think it's not straight??? I would really appreciate some help.

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Hi the velux windows are a good window and do not need slammed to shut they should open and close with ease my guessing by what your description is the window has not been fitted square correctly which means the opening section catches on the outer frame making it hard to open and close this over prolonged use has probably caused it to bend die to the force i hope this helps like i said the velux should be an easy open or close window


Answered 28th Aug 2017

fitted loads of velux and generally did not have to slam them to close them, sounds like a Dodge window or poor fitting.

good luck Alex.


Answered 28th Aug 2017

Me and my team have fitted quite a few velux and they never have to be slammed to close. your window is faulty and you should get a local professional guy to come and have a look at it hope i have helped


Answered 29th Aug 2017

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