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What materials should i be using to board out an en suite?

I am adding a small (2000 x 900) en suite and have found lots of (sometimes contradictory) answers as to the best solution re. boarding out. Having read up on this, my proposed solution is below. I still have a few questions...

For the shower cubicle (recess, so enclosed on 3 sides) I was planing on using hardiebacker 500 (12mm), fixed to 25mm battens, with a vapour shield (sheet of polythene) sitting between the battens and the reverse side of the board. I was then going to tape the joints and use a cement-based adhesive to fix (ceramic) tiles straight on to the board.

Will I also need insulation between the existing (internal and external) walls and the backer board?

For the rest of the room I was planning on using:

- Hardiebacker 250 (6mm) board for the floor

- Gyproc MR board for the rest of the walls outside of the cubicle - again fixed to 25mm battens and then tiling straight onto the board (ceramic tiles, floor to ceiling). Is there a particular adhesive I should use for this, or can I use the cement-based one?

- Normal plasterboard (skimmed and painted) for the ceiling.

Any help with this much appreciated! And let me know if you would like the tiling work! Thanks

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Hi richmartin,
i would certainly recommend using cement based addy,the reason being that waterbased(tubbed) can take ages to set.This is not suitable for porcelain or natural stone tiles.Also flexible adhesive and grout for the floor is required.


Answered 8th Dec 2011

If you are putting up a glass border make sure you use bal mosaic fix as any other adhesive will show up through the tile. Bal ready mixed adhesive is good for tiles less than 300 x 300 anything over that you must use a powdered adhesive. Natural stone and porcelain you must use powdered flexible adhesive and if using natural stone or polished porcelaine use a a grey adhesive for a darker tile and a white adhesive for a lighter tiler. You do this as the tiles a pouruss and will absorb the colour. Once tiled using these tile you must seal them. I recommended going to topps tiles and speaking to a rep there. They are usually ex tilers who can help you choose the right products. Hope this helps and good luck!


Answered 19th Dec 2011

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