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What is the best way to seal the junction between a bath and tiles?

The gap is large and sealant just comes away, whats the best way to cover the gap?


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Buy a set of bath trim tiles ,the design is about 80 years old but fill a gap neatly, they come in a set enough to do around a bath ,they are ceramic and glazed and come with fixative

Answered 7th Dec 2011

sovereign plumbing and heating

Member since 23 Nov 2011

first you need to set the midpoint as a bath moves/flexes as it is filled so fill the bath 1/2 full leave for five minutes then use a good silicone one with anti mould properties,run a bead around the bath then take a spray bottle with water and washing up liquid and spray over the silicone you have just applied make sure it goes o the tiles and bath. then using a silicone smoother or a lollipop stick to smooth down the silicone the excess will collect on the smoother/stick dispose onto a piece of towel this is the best way to get a pro joint.dont bother with the masking tape wayas it leaves a a lip that water gets under and ruins all your hard work :)

Answered 8th Dec 2011

lee davies construction

Member since 11 Jun 2008

Plastic quadrant beading

Answered 8th Dec 2011

Pro Tech Plastering

Member since 24 Nov 2007

Bath edging strip will work you will need two lengths. I would try to fill the gap with silicone as well just in case water finds its way passed the edging strip as water only needs a pin hole to get through. Hope this helps.

Answered 7th Dec 2011

Bailey's Carpentry and Property Maintenance

Member since 6 Dec 2011

Why is there a gap in the first place?!

Answered 11th Dec 2011

Handmaiden Interior Design and Property Improvement

Member since 9 Dec 2011

you can use a plastic tile bath trim which is self adhesive ,l shaped with a rubber edge. this sits on top of your tiles and overlaps your gap.

Answered 7th Dec 2011

crest installations and maintenance services

Member since 25 Oct 2011

if the gap can,t be filled with silicon sealer ,,try an aftermarket flexible cover..from B&Q etc ..they come in different colours and sizes..

Answered 7th Dec 2011


Member since 4 Nov 2008

make sure bath is fixed securely pump mastic down sides of bath that touch walls level with top of bath when set tile down to bath leaving a 5mm gap between tile and bath when tiles are set seal 5mm gap with coloured waterproof mastic of your choice

Answered 3rd Apr 2012

H Macdonald Building & Plastering Contractors

Member since 27 Mar 2012

Use some Plastic beading (or another) to reduce the gap.

Answered 7th Dec 2011


Member since 6 Dec 2011

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