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What type of tradesman would fix a leaky roof?

My central heating floo goes up through my kitchen roof which is flat. Recently the ceiling has discoloured and looks to have water marks.

Who would I ask to come and have a look at this?
And if this is the only part that is leaking, will my whole roof need to be replaced or can the leak just be fixed?

Many thanks

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This would need a small investigation - thus identifying where you may have a leak and/or find the point of water ingress.

Any reputable roofer should be able to diagnose and offer free advice and indeed a quote if it is in their expertise (to repair).

If the roof is in a good state of repair I would like to think it can be repaired easily and at a reasonable cost too.

Once you have had the work completed - keep an eye on the effected area to make sure it does not incur more issues and always ask for a guarantee from the tradesman.


Answered 15th Aug 2017

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