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How to lay concrete foundation base for single storey extension using shutters


Due to site constriants and the angle of the mini-digger my foundation base is more than 600mm wide.

How do I get a uniform 600mm wide concrete base using plywood shutters.

Please help asap as I need shutters in place for Saturday otherwise it will cost me a fortune in additional concrete.

Thanks in advance.

Hi - please read the full question - he is a prof builder from mybuilder - probs with site meant had to get a small digger which only came with 900 and 300 bucket and even 300 bucket was tight. In hindsight should have got some labourers and done manual dig.

Will have to work out how much additional concrete will be needed

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Your footing doesnt have to be a uniform 600mm.It needs to be at least 600mm.Fill it with concrete & next time leave it to the professionals.

Answered 7th Dec 2011

m w building construction and property maintenance

Member since 28 Sep 2008

The digger driver couldnt have been up to much, cant see how the dig went wrong, 600mm bucket, the trench should be 600mm.
These mini diggers are 360 % plus you can off set the boom.
But as ROC said, pay for extra concrete, it will cost more in material and time shuttering, and if it isnt done right it will push out when your firing the concrete in.

Answered 6th Dec 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

How bad it this? Cant imagine that its likely to cost a "fortune" in extra concrete.By the time you have messed around with shuttering and back filling you arent going to be saving much,if anything.Personally i would fill it with concrete anyway.Much better to have the sides of the foundation as solid ground than hardcore and crap that some builders might use to backfill.Some people may disagree.This is only my opinion.

Answered 6th Dec 2011

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

I agree with above... mass fill is the answer, it just isn't worth the trouble trying to save a cube of concrete. If you really do want to shutter it up and you're in lincolnshire I've got some 400 shutters already made up, you can borrow them if you like.
J Chappell Joinery and Renovation.

Answered 7th Dec 2011

J Chappell Joinery

Member since 30 Jul 2008

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