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Question regarding artex on bedroom ceiling - with a twist

I've read through the questions and seen many questions about covering artex on a ceiling.

We have an artexed ceiling but we also have heating in our ceilings in all rooms, we have seen people say about just reboard the artexed ceiling but we are worried about losing the use of the ceiling heating (which is pretty useless at the best of times)

in this situation are we better off taking down the original ceiling and putting a new one up, or are we better off replastering to get the smooth finish?

the house wasnt built until 89-90 so we are pretty sure that it isn't an asbestos risk.

any ideas?

for some reason i cannot see where i am supposed to reply to your messages - if anyone can show me where/how.

it is definitely ceiling heating. Unfortunately the idiot who designed it didnt think it through and we never really considered it when buying the house.

so it sounds like it needs to come down, right? we have the same in the living room, you would think that it would heat the bedroom (as its above) but it does not. How can we work out how thick our current plasterboard is?

cheers for your help.

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I'm with Brian & DC........ i've never heard of ceiling heating either........i think the question poster is confusing it with underfloor heating.
If your house was built around 1990 then the ceiling will be of plasterboard construction,so long as your textured finish is good and sound on the boards it can be re-skimmed.
Chances are it's probably painted as well so recommend prepping with Febond Blue-Grit plaster bonding can do this yourself and then hire a decent spread to double skim it.


Answered 5th Dec 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

I don't think you can respond to individual answers on here.

That is the problem with this...

Anyway, I have seen ceiling heating in a house once, with vents in the ceiling supposed to radiate gentle heat downwards, all your ceiling will probably be fully insulated for this... to stop the heat rising.

I would suggest trying to find the manufacturer of the heating, if they still exist. 'Ecofilm' are a similar thing to what I've seen.

I wouldn't think taking your ceiling down would be the best option. I would be inclined to do what Carl says above.

Answered 8th Dec 2011

Rebel Carpenter

Member since 24 Sep 2008

Its a;ll dpwn to finance at the end of the day you say that the ceiling heating is pretty useless is it becouse the artex is to thick and not allowing the heat through or some other reason but if you were to had another thick coat of plaster on top then i think your heating will be pretty useless anyway so I woild and if you can afford it would be to ripp down the old and replace with a new 12.5 mm plasterboard and finish with a Skim or Tape&Joint in preperation for decoration then maybe the heating in the ceiling will work But are u sure its not underfloor heating for the rooms above ??

To answer your further question then the plasterboeard would normally be 12.5mm thats the norm however depending on the builder it could be 15mm or again it could be 25mm (to layers of 12.5mm) then theres the artex thickness poke a hole in the ceiling with a scredriver to see the thickness your going to re plaster anyway so a small hole wont matter but my guess is 12.5mm

Answered 5th Dec 2011


Member since 29 Nov 2011

I have never heard of ceiling heating, what type do you have.

Answered 5th Dec 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

why would you have ceiling heating when heat rises upwards, so of there was ceiling heating in the top bedrooms you would heating an empty roof space

Answered 5th Dec 2011

John Hodgins Plastering & Renovation Services

Member since 17 Nov 2011

Hi Goldcardsol
Depending what finnish of paint is on the artex if its emulsion which am pretty sure it will be you could try steaming the artex of with a steamer.

Answered 12th Apr 2013

ADB Painting and Decorating

Member since 12 Feb 2013

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