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How to identify the model / output of a gas fire?

Hi. I've just bought a house which has a Valor Adorn gas fire, but when I got an engineer in to service it he assumed it was over 7kw and therefore (since there is no special ventilation in the room) just capped it off instead. I understand though that some models are under 7kw, so my question is how do you tell? There is no obvious model number, although there is a number 550K037 on the reverse of the ash pan guard at the base? Many thanks.

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The gas engineer can gas rate the appliance from the gas meter.Depending on your gas meter being cubic metres or cubic feet,a calculation can be made and worked out .This calculation works out your heat input.Saying all that though,if your gas fire is a Decorative,in other words in a basket then its irrelevant if your fire is under 7 killowatts as you will automatically need a air vent.Another way is to contact the manufacturer.Thats it


Answered 5th Dec 2011

There should be a data plate with this information on. Alternatively you will need to go back to Valor and ask them you should also have the Manufactureres Instructions booklet for this fire and all other gas appliences in your home.


Answered 5th Dec 2011

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