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Questionwhat spray foam can i use to repair torn roofing felt

felt and timbers are in good condition other than the felt has been vandalised in several places by previous tenant

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why would you want to use a spray foam on the roof to seal the damaged felt just use some bittuimen and melt it over the damaged areas if small if large areas are visible you can buy many types of roofing sealant in a tin and brush form i would but some tortchon felt and dry the roof off and stick a new piece of torchon over the damaged part of the roof this is an adiquete way of repairing the roof at little cost or simplly replace old felt if it is showing sighns of age

Finebuild Builders 15th Mar, 2011

I,d advise to remove the tiles in the affected areas and repair the felt with new from above. If you make sure you cover at least 2 rafters with the new felt and the tile battens are secured back in place, all should be ok.

B.T.B Roofing Services 15th Mar, 2011

You cant repair felt with foam, if you have torn felt the only proper way is to get on the roof, strip the tiles and battens and fit new felt, make sure you reach next timbers and is tucked under the next layer of felt.
Replace battens and retile.


Hi , or you can apply a cold solution over all areas damaged which we can solve and amend ,
eurolayasphalt and roofing
regards kerry

Eurolay Asphalt & Roofing 4th May, 2011

Expanding foam insulation in a DIY spray on kit for use in loft spaces beneath roof tiles to seal and insulate existing structures. Insulation comes in a two part kit forming an expanding closed cell polyurethane foam that is suitable for use by trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. To insulate roof loft simply spray foam onto the underside of the roof tiles to reduce heat loss and seal against tile slippage.

StayDry roofers 15th Mar, 2011

the only way to repair damaged felt is from above, as above remove the tiles and lathes insert new felt over damaged area making sure its tucked under the felt above and overlapping at least two rafters re-lathe and replace the tiles.


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