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White edgings appearing on recently laid Indian Sandstone patio.

Anonymous user 25 July 2017 - 10.27 AM

I had a new Indian sandstone patio laid about a month ago and it looked perfect until the first time it rained. Then white patches appeared along the edges of some of the stones. Any idea what might have caused this?

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SM gardening contractors
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SM gardening contractors
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Like most paving materials they are prone to swet and salt residues come to the surface, this however should go over a few months. The other thing you mention is the sealer, this needs to be applied on a clean dry surface as if it gets wet before its fully dry can also show up white.


15 October 2017


Everlast Paving
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It's the lime stone you can buy a sealer to get it all gone go to your nearest b&q or wicks or eny builders yard


26 July 2017