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Mortar mix ratio for brick wall

So I'm new to brick laying and I'm looking to build a wall in my garden and I need help with the ratio someone said to me to use 4 spades cement 4 shovels sand and 4 spade cement 8:4 ratio is this right?
Or can I get away with doing 2 spade cement 2 shovel sand 2spade cement 4:2 ratio.

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4/1. 4 sand 1 cement do it in buckets you can add plasticiser to make it more workable and to wether proof it but don't put too much in read instructions . Hope that helped.....


Answered 21st Jul 2017

Hi If you are new to bricklaying I would suggest a 4:1 sand /cement ratio and some plasticiser and following instructions on the container .Also to make life easier gauge sand /cement in buckets .Regards Andrew


Answered 21st Jul 2017

It would all depend on the size of your spades to shovels, it will only be giving you a guideline. You want your cement to be like a toothpaste texture. (That is the best way I could explain it)
Not to runny, but also not stiff.
It comes naturally after you do a few mixes, you will see what cement style you need for different uses.
Hope this helps.
All the best


Answered 21st Jul 2017

4.1 with plasticiser for around £6 which will help the mortar to be more manageable, try watching a YouTube how to clip and there's many beginners products that might be useful to you.


Answered 29th Jul 2017

use a bucket ,fill 4 buckets of sand to 1 bucket of cement ,get a plasticiser from the local merchants ,this will make the mortar more workable ,you can buy a mixing mat for about £20 this will make life easier as the sand cement and water will all stay on the mat while you mix .regards Russ


Answered 21st Jul 2017

4.1 sand and cement mixed in with some plasterciser not to much though


Answered 21st Jul 2017

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