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Best way to plaster / plasterboard a breezeblock wall

Hi guys.

I have a unit with a breezeblock wall. I want to make it smooth for painting or papering.

Which is the cheapest way to do it?
A: Plaster it
B: Plaster board it
C: Another way

Also, the 2 walls are approx 11 metres long by 4 metres high. What would be the approx (ball park cost).

Many thanks

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Answered 15th Jul 2017

B,you wudnt be able to plaster it if you don't board it first,to save money you could tape and joint it witch is just filling the joins and you can then paint it.


Answered 15th Jul 2017

The cheapest option is the seal the wall with pva then dot and dab the walls as suggested before tape and joint is cheapest but a skimmed wall will be a better Finnish thank you budd plastering .


Answered 16th Jul 2017

Plasterboard wall using drywall adhesive. The cost for proper drylining versus skimming is negligible and skimming will give you a better and longer lasting finish. You will then be able to paint or paper the wall. If you dryline and tape and joint the wall, papering onto Plasterboard directly will be difficult to set right and impossible to remove without damaging the plasterboard in future. Approx price based on your size... £900 - £1100. All in


Answered 16th Jul 2017

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