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Single pitch new extension tiled roof leaking

i have just had a contractor replace the old low pitch roof tiles with redland 49, there is an underlay but the water has made it onto the kitchen ceiling. I was aware the underlay had some holes and tears through it but i did not expect the water to come onto the underlay. there are no visible cracks on the redland tiles and they appear to have been fitted inline, unable to notice any obivious mistakes on the tilings. The gap verge however has mortar cemented in , and the tiles on the edge has to be cut but the leak in the middle of the roof was i thought impossible.

after some advise on the possible sources of leaks and anything else you can suggest, please.

the contractor has agreed to come back but i dont want repeated visits so would like to run pass whatever advise i get from you here.

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Redland 49 through colour will suit roofs down to 17degree with a 100mm headlap, 49 granular 22degree with a 100mm headlap. you will need to find out what degree the roof is before doing anything else.


Answered 2nd Jul 2018

in reality if you new the underlay was leaking you should have replaced it when the roof was of.
their could be a variety of different reasons,
the gradient is to low for the roof tile,
their is insufficient overlap on the tiles,
if nailed in could be wrong length nail for the tiles,
tiles maybe incorrectly spaced out
without looking at the roof in question it is really impossible to say exactly what is causing your problems other than the wholes in the under felt,
you need to post it on the site and get a local expert round to see whats causing your issues & the cost to fix.

good luck Alex


Answered 12th Jul 2017

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