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What fuse should a hoover have

I have a Henry hoover at work and the plug was red hot, when I got inside I found a 5 amp fuse, I think it should be a 13 amp

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It should have a 13amp fuse.

Answered 3rd Dec 2011

NJD Installations Ltd

Member since 28 Nov 2011

The fuse size is roughly worked out as: power(watts)/voltage(volts)

If you take nominal voltage as 230V then you have 1200/230 = 5.217A

A 5A fuse will probably hold until you start hoovering more material and making the motor work harder, so if it keeps blowing then a 13A is your next option. If it were me I would say there will prob be a loose connection in the plug making it hot. Check the terminal screws and stick with the 5A fuse.

Answered 4th Dec 2011

M Hobbs Electrical Contractors

Member since 2 Nov 2011

Most red Henry's are 1200watts so thats just over 5amps. A five amp fuse should be ok, so unless there is a loose coneection in the plug, then I can only assume that the flex was not fully extended all the way out? You get a magnetic heating affect if the cord is not fully pulled out from the top compartment! It should only be used fully extended. Do not upgrade to a 13amp fuse, if need be just fit a new plug and make sure the connections are tight etc.

Answered 2nd Dec 2011

Electrical Safety Services

Member since 17 Oct 2011

if the plug is hot you may have a loose connection on one of the terminals or the fuse itself, if it is getting hot with a 5amp fuse fitting a 13 amp fuse will probably melt the plug, regards Terry.

Answered 2nd Dec 2011

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

A henry hoover should have a 13amp fuse. Having a 5amp fuse would not make it overheat. The fuse would have blown otherwise. Swap it for a 13amp. But more importantly uncoil the whole cable from the drum during use (especially if using for a long time). Leaving the wire coiled up creates much more heat down the cable and plug. Coiled cable makes it much harder for the cale to dissipate its heat therefore getting much hotter than if fully uncoiled.

John Briner
Briner & Sons

Answered 3rd Dec 2011

Briner & Sons Ltd

Member since 2 Mar 2009


A 5 amp fuse is the right size for an appliance such as a Henry hoover.

If the plug is heating up during use, there is likely to be a loose connection either when the plug fits into the socket or the moulded plug may have been damaged by being tugged. Recommend cutting off the plug and about three inches of flex and fitting a new plug.

If the plug feels loose when you plug it into the socket, you'll need to replace the socket outlet.

I hope that helps

Daniel Hart

Answered 4th Dec 2011

Brown and Blue Ltd

Member since 12 Sep 2011

The fuse is not the fault here, I think you neeed an electrician to look at the plug and the cleaner. The fault is most likely in the plug; if it is overheating the connections may have been poorly made, and the plug itself may be damaged. The wiring should also be checked for heat damage, but do not put a bigger fuse into the plug, that would not correct the fault and would only increase your risk.

Answered 2nd Dec 2011

Lindsay and Son Electricians

Member since 10 Nov 2011

depends on the wttage. under 700 watts 3 or 5 over 700 13amps

Answered 3rd Dec 2011

Mike Turner Building Services and Electrical

Member since 9 Sep 2010

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