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What construction to use to raise my load bearing ceiling above my small kitchen

the kitchen is 2 m wide and 3.8 m long. Can i use 3" x 3" joists attached to a "plate" around the perimetre of the wall. I am trying to save the limited storeage space in the area above the raised ceiling

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Hi Geoff,

It would be best to get a structual engineer to look at it. They will calculate the size of joist etc required for what you want to acheive...


Answered 2nd Dec 2011

I'm guessing the space is just a small loft space you want to store things in?
If you can span the new joists the 2m direction and place them at 400mm centres between the old ceiling joists, use 5x2 and that would be easily adequate for whatever storage... within reason!!
Pack the ends up with ply to lift the joists off the existing ceiling if its not very level.
Hope this helps.
J Chappell Joinery and Renovation.


Answered 8th Dec 2011

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