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Fitting a lightway crystal 400 hp 32cm sun tunnel kit for pitched roof

I have moved into a small bungalow in Bangor Co Down N I and the last owner left me a new Lightway Crystal 400 HP 32cm Sun Tunnel Kit for Pitched Roof to be fitted in the kitchen. So what I would like to know is this a roofers job or is it to be fitted by a specialist also what trade do I post this job for. Also any advice on how good these Sun Tunnel kits are would be appreciated .

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Fitting the Sun Tunnel would best sit with a roofer. The 32cm diameter size means it is likely to fit between roof joists, minimising the amount of roof required to be opened up.
The Lightway Sun Tunnel has a 'solid' reflective tube. Based on previously specifying both 'solid' and 'flexi' tubes, the solid tubes perform much better in terms of light transmittance to the internal space.


Answered 5th Jul 2017

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