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Do secret cut clips (kro?) need to be used for valley?


We are having a roof fitted on our extension, the tile being used is the Modern Marley Eternit and Klober dry valley. We have looked on line and for the small cuts they use Marley Eternit secret cut clips. Our roofer is saying these do not need to be used and a nail in the whole is sufficient? Any advise would be gratefully received!

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yes you need to use the clips on a dry valley, if you was to nail the pieces you would puncture the dry valley so the clips are needed to hold them in place, if you were to use an open wet valley (lead,fiberglass) with mortar then a nail or the mortar would hold them in place. Have a look on youtube fixing dry valley. some of the cuts will not have a nailhole.


Answered 4th Jul 2017

Yes I would personally use them


Answered 5th Sep 2018

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