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Water noise at front and between house and extension

So we have just bought a house we are sleeping in the extension above the garage that's joined onto the older part of the house. It's begun to rain regularly and all we can hear is water both the gutter and an unexplainable running water noise that is in all rooms at the front of the house old and extension and in the rear of the extension as well as along the wall that joins the old and new. I can't see any signs in the loft or on the wall of a leak and there are no pipes....
what is it and what do we do? It's so loud!!!

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Hi. Noise can be caused by water running into gutter and drain, if it is metal gutter. Next option could be that gradient of this gutter is too big and water flows too fast. Then it can be noisy as well.
However, better could be to view this system to find the real reason and think about solution. That's what's coming to my mind.

Ivo Kaleta


Answered 29th Jun 2017

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