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Roof moss - should it stay or should it go?

Our roof is covered in moss, it has been since we moved in 6 years ago.
Its unsightly, but the more pressing problem is that it comes off and blocks the gutters - causing them to overflow!
Is it best to remove the moss, and treat the tiles? Re-roof with new treated tiles, or simply clear the gutters more often?

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The moss will keep water on the roof will eventually ruin the tiles you can have it removed but it will grow back in a few yrs time their are varies products on the market you can put in or cover the gutters with to try and keep the water flowing but they need cleared as well to stop them clogging up if their are no issue with the roof other than the moss it really depends on if you want to spend thousands on a new roof just for the sake of advice is just clear the gutter more often.

Good luck Alex


Answered 27th Jun 2017

This is dependant upon budget If financially able I would recommend investing in changing the roof as it will prevent further damage and make the house look a lot better.
Or if on a tight budget I would suggest cleaning the moss of treating the tiles but the customer would need to bare in mind it's only a temporary solution.


Answered 27th Jun 2017

hi I am tony ad roofing I would clear the moss than have your roofer to fix a copper strip along the lenth of roof to all elavations copper strip must lay on the tiles or slates idid this for a mate 2 years ago and it work


Answered 28th Jun 2017

In my opinion if your willing to spend the money to have the moss removed and the tiles treated then this is definitely the best way forward. Moss constantly falling into a gutter system is likely to condemn your soak away which will cost a vast amount of money to rectify late on. Hope this helps, regards.


Answered 27th Jun 2017

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