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Dripping behind fireplace (baxi bermuda backboiler) when it rains?

Firstly i have already paid a chimney sweep to go up the roof and fit three clay chimney cowls to cover up any entry points.

He said the flaunching etc looked good and he couldn't see any issues with the roof or chimney. He also covered up any tiny cracks for me whilst up there but he didn't mess with anything that could be to do with gas as not gas safe

It still makes the drip sound and only when it's raining so it's not the boiler that's leaking. It makes a dinging sound and is definitely rainwater.

Its driving me mad and=y help will be appreciated!!

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Roofer

Depends what type of clay caps you've used,I used to use clay breather caps but found they failed and ended up having to replace them with other caps like c-caps or mushroom caps or china mans hat.
Good luck alex


Answered 27th Jun 2017

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