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How many bricks do you need for a 15m wall 13 inch wall 8 ft

Hi my garden wall needs rebuilding it is 15m 13 inch wall 2.4 m ( 8 ft ) high Flemish bond It is a 3 brick wall

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In a standard single skin wall ( 4 inch) you will have 60 bricks per square meter.
Your wall is 13 inch, in essence it is three times thicker than a single skin wall. Therefore you will have 180 bricks per square meter.

15m x 2.4m= 36 m2
36m2 x 180= 6,480 bricks required


Answered 27th Jun 2017

I bought 300 bricks two weeks ago to do 7 m length of wall and 2 foot high so I am thinking if you have double the length of me and a little bit higher you should need roughly 620 to 650 bricks this should be more than enough


Answered 24th Jun 2017

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