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Purlin braces are offset

I went into my loft and have noticed the purlin braces all seem to be leaning to one side, i.e they are not at an exact right angle to the ceiling joists or rafters and all appear to be leaning slightly to one side like a parallelogram. One appears to have slightly moved away from its fixing.

The roof is not undulated and apart from moss on the tiles seems in good condition. Is this anything to worry about?

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Only you will know if there is movement and you should monitor it by identifying a certain gap or space,measure it and install something like insulation board or something that doesn't carry much weight in the gap DO NOT fix this if that gap grows the insulation will fall out.
Every roof spar/rafter is a parrelleloram cut at identical angles at ridge and eaves to become equilateral , this will differ if the pitch differs between front and back . The fact that your tiles are not undulated or sagging in my opinion is irrelevant as this would only identify corrosion in your battern.
Also Moss when wet can bear a lot of weight so if your property does have a lot of moss it may be a good idea to get it cleared .
Unsure if that makes sense or is correct but it's my opinion.
Hope it helps
Thanks Michael


Answered 22nd Jun 2017

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